Social Media

Social Media

Help Your Customers “Like” You

The adoption of social media is the most significant development in the web industry in recent years.

  • The average user spends over 65 hours a week on Facebook
  • There are almost a 1/2 billion videos on YouTube
  • There are more than 75 million “Tweets” a day.
  • Foursquare grew 3400% from 2010 to 2011

What is your social media strategy?

Social Media Strategies

Leverage the Power of Social Media


WebDrive’s social experts track the developments in the social media space so that they can work on creating a performant, forward-thinking, social media.



Social Media Pages

Custom Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Pages

Nothing reinforces your branding better than custom-designed social media pages.  Work with our design team to create creative and impactful company pages for social media sites.


Social Media Marketing

Engaging Customers through Community Participation/Development


Social media marketing is about reaching out, connecting and engaging your audience.  Our social media strategists work with you to deploy campaigns that increase “likes”, comments and action.


  • Expertise - Our team consists of well-know social media authors & speakers
  • Experience - We have been working with social media solutions since 2004
  • Innovation - Our innovative team focuses on identifying creative & impactful solutions

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