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Treasury Board has asked all departments to have upgraded their websites to the WxT4 technology? Why? This is because the older WxT distributions were built using, in part, JQuery mobile. However, TBS decided to update the framework in WxT4 to Twitter Bootstrap. This is because Bootstrap is faster, is easier to maintain and is a mobile first responsive framework.

One of the key differences between JQmobile and Bootstrap is that the layout and stylistic approaches are different. Older sites using JQM will not work in WxT4 because many of the layout and stylistic classes use different coding. For example, sites with sliders, call out boxes, left hand columns, footers, news layouts, etc. will not render properly in a Bootstrap environment because the classes aren’t recognized. Therefore, the layout of the site and key functionality breaks, and gets imported as a jumbled mess of code with no supporting style or functionality.

This is also the case for custom classes. So, if a department has upgraded to WxT4, but has created custom CSS classes for layout and stylistic elements, they too will break once moved to the website.



Develop a complete inventory of all stylistic elements in your site (all elements that are produced through CSS styling). This includes the layout grid, design elements such as side bars, call out boxes, mega menus, footers, headings, colours and shading, images, tables, buttons, indents, bullet lists, accordion lists, alerts, news, sliders, etc.


Audit each stylistic element to determine how it will migrate into the Adobe Experience Manager system.


Identify non-compliant elements, or elements that will break if they are migrated in their current form.


Recommend the best way to address each non-compliant element or problematic element.

Additionally, Certified Adobe Experience Manager experts can work with you to reprogram problematic areas to be compatible with the GC’s AEM environment. This will ensure that all or your stylistic code will work once it has been moved to the web site.


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